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What we do

Driving efficiency in sourcing and procurement through industry collaboration and multilateral information sharing.

Our platform helps you keep abreast of marketplace developments, innovation and current thinking.

When you're ready use the platform to search, undertake due diligence on specific suppliers and evaluate solutions.

If you're looking for help visit find experts to secure the consultancy skills you need or recruit using our jobsboard.

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Vendor discovery

Use our free smart directory search to find systems & services based on your exact requirements.

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Analysis & comparison

Vendor analysis with instant access to pre-completed RFI reports.

Create comparison grids & export to spreadsheets.

Create projects to track and report on your vendor selection process.

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Vendor risk management

Centralised repository of vendor risk information.

Collaborative mechanism for meeting know-your-vendor obligations.

Maintain audit data of vendor evaluations and selections.

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Find experts

Find consultants, freelancers & contractors that match your needs, or advertise your jobs & assignments.

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News & events

Use our search tools to find the latest news that's relevent to you, or browse our list of upcoming industry events.

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