supplier benefits

diliger is effectively a central hub of vendor intelligence where buyers at financial institutions can come to research the marketplace and identify and evaluate suppliers of software, services and consultancy.

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key benefits

  • Showcase solutions on the pre-eminent sourcing tool for financial institutions
  • Multi-site exposure through our partnerships including:,,,,
  • Exposure to buyers who are early in the buying cycle
  • Improve quality of inbound enquiries as our method ensure you are short-listed on your capabilities
  • Eliminate mis-conceptions and ensure your full suite of solutions is considered
  • Create strong well designed profile pages supporting media
  • Create a centralised RFI once and release RFI-style reports on per request basis
  • Control who sees your information
  • Efficient sharing of third party monitoring & oversight information
  • Support for multiple users per company profile with full permissioning
  • Share and promote your news and events
  • Add our PRO features and services to support your marketing, including analytics