user guide - vendor research

The diliger platform supports vendor discovery and additional research functionality by interrogating a centralised hub of vendor credentials and product / service capabilities information.

start a search

  • From Menu bar select "vendor research" (or "find experts")
  • Select a category box (Note items may be in industry area or operational category boxes, experiment! You can use the search bar to learn where items appear in the data structure)
  • Select high-level requirements criteria from high-level features page
  • Select "show results" from the box at the bottom of the page to proceed to the results view
  • Apply detailed filters e.g supported locations, required features, asset class coverage, deployment options etc. (Note filter information is not the full extent of information available in reports)
  • Results are dynamically scored and re-ranked according to suitability. The search algorithm weighs critical information to evaluate fit. Our algorithm even seeks the optimal fit with the least surplus functionality to prioritise best-of-breed solutions
  • Progress bar indicates coverage of critical capabilities
  • Note Vendor can not buy their way up the list
  • Select "Saved Searches" link and click "star" to orange to save your current search. (You can manage saved searches from the dashboard)
  • If you identify vendors who aren’t listed please use the "invite a vendor" link to encourage them so that their results can be incorporated into your query results, saved projects, RFI reports and comparison reports
  • You can contact to propose additional questions be added to our surveys
How it works search

vendor profiles

  • On the results page select a company or solution name links
  • Navigate around vendors profile pages using links
  • View products from same company
  • Read overviews, features and benefits
  • Summary of high-level RFI responses is provided
  • View uploaded media including documents and videos
  • Send message or request call back using Links provided
  • Visit website pages and follow on social media

generate reports

  • Feature is restricted to research subscribers
  • Go to the chosen vendor company profile page to run VRM reports or solutions profile pages for capabilities reports
  • Select the orange 'Generate Report' button. If the button is grey the report is incomplete use it to alert us to your interest
  • In the popup box confirm your the details of your access request including how much personal detail you wish to reveal
  • The "request for access" is sent to the vendor
  • While authorisation is pending reports icon shows blue padlock
  • Vendor considers request, updates survey and then grants permission (expect 1 minute to 2 days turnaround)
  • Generate report icon turns blue indicating access is active
  • User is notified of access being granted by email
  • Click Blue 'Generate Report' icon to generate .pdf
How it works rfi

create research projects

  • From the results page CLICK "+project" on any item in the results page list
  • Use the pop-up to specify add to a new or existing project

manage research projects

  • Access saved projects from "project and comparisons link" on the results list page or via the dashboard
  • Select project by name to see summary
  • Select "edit this project" link to add notes, delete entries and select update to save / finish
  • To add additional items you must return to the search pages and add chosen results to the project
How it works project 1

generate summary reports

  • From within a project
  • Select "generate summary report" link for .pdf report on the project and short-listed vendors / solutions

generate comparison grid reports

  • From within a project
  • Select "comparison grid" link to view matrix report
  • If you do not already have vendor permission you can request access at the top of the columns.
  • Select "generate comparison grid report" to export to Excel
How it works project 2