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  • Broker Prices

    Broker prices sources and feeds from IDBs and vendors listed on our market data providers directory.
  • Contributed Prices Data

    Contributed Prices Data sources and feeds listed on our directory of market data vendors and providers.
  • Derived Data

    Directory of derived data sources and feeds from market data vendors listed on our directory. Research and guides provide online coverage analysis of accrued interest, convexity, dividend forecasting, duration, Greeks, implied volatilities and NPV.
  • Evaluated Pricing Data

    Evaluated Pricing Data sources and feeds listed on our directory of market data vendors and providers.
  • Fair Values Data

    Fair Values Data sources and feeds listed on our directory of market data vendors and providers.
  • Historical Tick Data

    Historic tick data sources and feeds listed on our prices market data vendor directory with analysis of providers capabilities in historical financial feeds and time series data.
  • Index Data

    Index data feeds and sources of raw index data reviewed on our directory of market data vendors. Includes online analysis of coverage including composition data, index close value, index open value, benchmark indices, future index events, growth indices, rebalances, return indices and value indices.
  • Loans / Insurance / Mortgage Data

    Loans data, insurance data and mortgage data sources and feeds listed on our directory of market data vendors with analysis of coverage over loans data, insurance data and mortgage data and loan reference data, special situations data, deal performance data and ABS, RMBS, MBS, CMBS, CDO and CLN Data.
  • Low-Latency Data

    Guide to low-latency pricing data sources and feeds listed on our directory of low and ultra low latency market data providers.
  • Pricing Data

    Directory of pricing market data sources and feeds listed on our vendor directory. Analysis of provider coverage of Bid/ask prices, start / end of day data, mid prices, last price, high / low data, official close, closing price, liquidity scores, net asset values (nav), price sources time and sales, time series, traded volumes, volume weighted average price (vwap), broker prices (idb), tick data, traded prices, settlement prices.
  • Real-Time Data

    Find real-time pricing data sources and feeds listed on our market data vendors directory covering a broad range of providers with analysis of coverage and delivery methods.
  • Yield Curves Data

    Yield Curves Data sources and feeds listed on our directory of market data vendors and providers.


Price and related trading data for a financial security reported by a liquidity source. Pricing data allows traders and investors to know the latest price and see historical trends for a broad range of asset classes such as equities, fixed-income products, derivatives and currencies.

Data for a security includes the identifier, trading venue (ticker symbol) and the latest bid and ask price and the time of the last trade. It may also include other information such as volume traded, bid and offer sizes (depth of book) and static data. There are a number of financial data vendors that specialise in collecting, cleaning, collating and distributing market data and this has become the most common way that traders and investors get access to market data.

Delivery of price data from exchanges to users, such as traders, can be highly time-sensitive and low latency technology is used to handle collection and throughput of massive data streams. 

Market price data is used in real time to make on-the-spot decisions trading decisions, but historical market data can also be used to analysis and to calculate market risk.


diliger is a web-based vendor research platform, transforming vendor sourcing and due diligence.  Our unique, collaborative approach to vendor research, where vendors respond centrally to surveys and share this information on a multi-lateral basis, creates a hub of vendor due diligence data supporting the most comprehensive vendor research facility available to the financial community.  diliger provides real-time research with data updated at the point of use, greater accuracy and depth of information, improved usability with tools to analyse the data and because its online, easier access anytime of the day.  Our multi-lateral approach to data sharing means it’s more efficient for vendors and financial institutions to request and share vendor due diligence and evaluation information.

Key features include:

+FinTech search engine for vendor discovery

diliger can help you discover systems and solutions vendors that meet your precise requirements. Our search results algorithmically score and rank the best  solutions according to suitability.  

+vendor analysis & comparison

You can drill down into vendor profiles for more information on the supplier and their solutions. You can contact the vendor directly using the links. For product analysis you can aggregate data stored on the platform into RFI reports covering vendor credential, key capabilities, implementation and service capabilities and commercials. You can also add vendors to a project where you can track an evaluation project and compare vendors in comparison grids which can be exported to spreadsheets.

+vendor risk management / third party risk oversight & monitoring (VRM)

You can run a vendor risk report from the company profile page

+marketplace information

Keep abreast of vendor news and innovation.  Also a calendar of all industry and vendor events happening in our industry.

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