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  • Compliance Link Accuity An enterprise wide solution to reduce false positives.
  • KYCCube kyc cube KYC Cube Ltd helps regulated companies to minimize the regulatory risks associated with KYC, and to protect their organizations from becoming ...
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AML business requirements are supported as follows:

  • Customer identity management checks clients against various watch lists as part of Know your customer (KYC) requirements. 
  • Transaction monitoring systems, focus identifying and alerting managers to suspicious transactions.
  • Investigations management and Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) or Suspicious Transaction Reports (STRs). 
  • Currency Transaction Reporting (CTR) systems, which deal with large cash transaction reporting
  • GRC compliance CRM software to help firms comply holistically with regulation including with AML regs.

Key functional areas covered in the guid:

  • Access CIP and other demographic information   
  • Alert ranking   
  • Alerts   
  • Auto add false positives to white list   
  • Automated business rules   
  • Behaviour profiling   
  • Constrain scenarios by any data attribute   
  • Customer risk scoring   
  • Detects trend suggesting suspicious behaviour   
  • Entity link analysis   
  • Factor histories   
  • False Positive Reduction   
  • Filter tolerance controls to reduce false positives   
  • Flexible suppression   
  • Investigators work queue   
  • Manual override   
  • Multiple scenarios / database scan   
  • Past trends analysis   
  • Peer group analysis   
  • Penalties management   
  • Predictive modes   
  • Rapid access to customer, account and transaction data   
  • Recovery and resolution management   
  • Review triggering transactions   
  • Scenarios and risk factors applied to transactions to detect suspicious activity   
  • Schema for preparing data analysis   
  • Scores suspicious clients   
  • Supports multiple data types   
  • Watch list screening   
  • Watchlist Data
  • AML Optimization
  • Case management
  • Data management
  • Investigation and alert management
  • Suspicious activity monitoring