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Buyside PMS may include portfolio risk, analysis, pre-trade / post-trade, portfolio/fund accounting, and shadow accounting. Not to mention IBOR. This report outlines the critical functions of portfolio systems, the buy side clients that need them, and the universe of key suppliers.

With the pressures of new regulations, lower margins, investment diversity, and major wealth demographic shifts all affect the buy side, the days of one size fits all no longer cuts it. Portfolio systems now range from enterprise platforms reaching further into middle and back office with sophisticated compliance & risk modules. Asset owners, asset managers, and industry intermediaries all need portfolio systems, but all with their own varying degrees of complexity and functional coverage.

From real-time risk analysis to aggregation of internal and external asset managers, anyone who is evaluating how to operationally and technically manage their portfolios needs to understand the growing universe of suppliers and the possible disruptors. Asset and fund managers need to know what is available in the portfolio system marketplace in order to utilize technology to their competitive advantage. The goal is the right fit of technology to achieve optimal investment return objectives, being cost-efficient while minimizing operational risk. Having the right portfolio system setup is a major step along this path.


Portfolio Management

  • Hierarchical structure – company, client, portfolio, custody account
  • Multiple consolidation possibilities including ad hoc
  • Portfolio analysis including order generation
  • Exposure analysis
  • Investment strategies
  • Restrictions and constraints – pre and post order checking
  • GIPS compliant
  • Performance measurement on company, client, portfolio, custody account levels
  • Performance contribution
  • Performance attribution
  • Bench mark management
  • Order management for securities, forex, money market and other instruments
  • Transaction Processing
  • Comprehensive instrument coverage
  • Corporate actions
  • Fund look-thru
  • Cash flow and income projections
  • Multi lingual GUI

Portfolio Reporting

  • Flexible User defined Report Generator with numerical and graphical output
  • Reporting on screen, printer, .pdf, Excel and HTML
  • Multi-lingual – English, deutsch, French, Italian and Chinese
  • Report designer for company specific look and feel
  • Letter designer for confirmation notes, bank orders, management fees etc.
  • Integration with document management systems
  • Scheduled batch printing

Fees / Commissions

  • Calculation of management fees based on assets under management
  • Performance fees including high water marks
  • Other fees
  • Client Invoices and bank instructions to debit fees
  • Bank specific courtage conventions checking
  • Retrocession on courtage, forex, custody fees, investment funds
  • Calculation of broker and agents fees
  • Client profitability

Client Management

  • CRM system for client contacts, documents, events
  • Money Laundering check and reports

Portfolio Modeling and Rebalancing

  • Sophisticated model construction
  • Automated Multi-Portfolio rebalancing
  • Multi-Portfolio order generation

Portfolio Risk

  • What-If analysis
  • Industry standard risk statistics
  • Wealth prediction

Client/Portfolio Monitoring

  • Multi-criteria query engine on static and computed data
  • Analysis resulting from multi criteria queries

Other Modules

  • Brokerage Module
  • NAV calculation for funds (audited) including funds with sub-funds
  • Fund fact sheets
  • Audit Log – fully featured

Standard Interfaces

  • Transaction interfaces to various prime brokers
  • Transaction interfaces via Excel
  • Market feed interfaces
  • Financial accounting interfaces.