• Dynamic account certification software ReconArt Account Certification/Attestation is the process by which reported account balances are confirmed, by substantiating the balance and ...
  • BaNCS ADK TCS BaNCS - TATA Consultancy Services Fostering a “Build your Own Apps” Strategy - Traditionally, building a tech solution involves business users conceptualizing the business ...
  • i-Con Pro Solutions i-Con is very different to standard integration packages. Its component based architecture ensures that interfaces are built with minimum ...
  • Cleartouch Bank Platform Fiserv Cleartouch® from Fiserv, an innovative, online, real-time bank platform, delivers powerful business analytics and customizable workflows to ...
  • Sparak System Core D+H Sparak® System Core allows you the flexibility to integrate all the technologies necessary to run your bank. With Sparak System Core, you get ...
  • CIF 20/20 Jack Henry & Associates IBM Power Systems-Based core processing solution - Our ultimate goal is to provide the expertise and the integrated technology that diverse ...
  • NuPoint® Core Processing CSI NuPoint® Core Processing - As a competitive and growing financial institution, your bank needs a reliable, responsive core bank processing ...
  • PhoenixEFE D+H PhoenixEFE® Core is an integrated enterprise software platform designed for commercial and savings banks. - PhoenixEFE® Core is a real-time ...
  • Core Director Jack Henry & Associates More than 200 banks have entrusted their ability to attract, serve, and retain their customers to Jack Henry Banking's Core Director system. ...
  • SilverLake System Jack Henry & Associates Our ultimate goal is to provide the expertise and the integrated technology that diverse banks need to execute and maximize their unique and ...
  • Flexcube Oracle Financial Services Software Limited Oracle FLEXCUBE - Address Customer Needs, Empower Knowledge Workers, and Improve Agility - Provides a comprehensive, integrated, ...
  • Miser FIS Core processing solution.
  • FusionBanking Equation Misys FusionBanking Equation has the depth and breadth of functionality to support core banking operations and has more than 250 installations ...
  • Alnova Financial Solutions Accenture Consulting Alnova Financial Solutions is a solution construction accelerator that provides banks with broad functionality and advanced capabilities ...
  • Meridian.NET Core Banking System CSI To remain compliant and profitable as a growing bank, you need a core banking system that is flexible and understands how to make your bank ...
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A core banking system is the back-end data processing application for processing all transactions that have occurred during the day and posting updated data on account balances to the mainframe. Core systems typically include deposit account and CD account processing, loan and credit processing, interfaces to the general ledger and reporting tools.

“Core technologies are evolving into highly agile architectures, and the implications for making the wrong decision will be lasting — and could put banks at competitive risk. “


  • Alerts & Electronic Distribution
  • Anti Money Laundering Reports (AML)
  • ATM / Point of Sale
  • ATM / POS interface as per ISO 8583 Standard
  • Bank Credit Line / Customer Credit Line / Customer Security Line
  • Bank Profile / Branch Profile
  • Browser Based Clients
  • Bulk Account Opening (Through Excel Sheet) & Account Open Form Printing
  • Bulk file upload for transactions and account open
  • Calculation Methods Highly Parameterize
  • Cash Maintenance (Unit wise)
  • Cash Management
  • Centralized day end / day begin
  • Centralized Process
  • Charges / Fees Application
  • CTS (Cheque Truncation System)
  • Customize Web Services to handle any third party interface
  • Delivery Channels Support
  • Direct Selling Agent (DSA) features with capabilities for sub-DSA, turnover and commissions calculations
  • Elaborate channel rules and channelbased differential pricing for charges and interest
  • Event-based charges with provisions for online and batch collection of charges
  • Exchange rate structures with multitiered definitions
  • Extensive framework for bank management with user definition capabilities, audit trail features, reporting and exception management
  • Globalization – Language and Calendar Compatibility
  • Interest Application
  • Interest rate support for definition of differential and slab-based interest rates
  • Interface with Cheque book printing machine
  • Interface with Financial Inclusion / hand held devices
  • Interface with MICR machine
  • Interface with Pigmy (daily deposit collection) machine
  • Interfaces
  • Internet Banking
  • Inventory management
  • Inward / Outward clearing process
  • Kiosk Banking (Touch Screen)
  • KYC (Know Your Customer) Standard
  • Maker & Checker Concept
  • Menu Rights
  • Mobile Banking
  • Multi Currency
  • Non Performing Assets Management (NPA)
  • Online NPA (Non Performing Assets)
  • Phone Banking
  • Rebates, clawbacks, subsidies, planned prepayments and multi-source repayment configuration capabilities for retail loans
  • RTGS / NEFT interface
  • Rule-based Signature Verification System (SVS)
  • Service Branch Clearing (Indian content)
  • SMS Banking
  • Standing Order execution
  • Support for preferential pricing and discounts, both ad hoc and based on customer segments
  • Sweep Account Facility
  • Tax structure definition and application of withholding tax for defined events