• traderpath EMS GATElab Ltd traderpath EMS is used to quickly and efficiently execute incoming customers’ orders using a variety of native orders, such as: care-order, ...
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  • TRADIS 3i Infotech Tradis is a modular, end-to-end broker solutions suite facilitating complete control over and integration across the entire trading process, ...
  • ActIB ActForex ActIBroker (ActIB™ ) allows Introducing Brokers (IBs) and new brokerages to break into the retail Forex market without IT costs or incurring ...
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  • MaxxTrader FlexTrade MaxxTRADER is a white label trading system for sell-side institutions operating in the foreign exchange markets. Designed to allow ...
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  • SELL-SIDE EXECUTION & ORDER MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS (SSEOMS) Bloomberg Bloomberg Sell-Side Execution & Order Management Solutions (SSEOMS) offers an integrated suite of solutions for idea generation, liquidity ...
  • TradePlus TradingScreen TradePlus is TradingScreen's comprehensive investment solution for the sell side, offering everything from connectivity and order management, ...
  • Horizon Broker Horizon Software For brokerage houses, Horizon Broker enables dealing desks to handle from multiple customers through various media such as FIX, phone, files ...
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Sell-side execution management systems for equities and listed derivatives trading are dominated by the need for greater operational efficiency and achieving better execution for clients. The overarching principle is one of automation of the trading activities - when, where and how the order is executed.

There are two families of software solutions for the Sellside:

  1. Execution Management Systems (EMSs)
  2. Order Management Systems (OMSs)

This section deals with Sellside Execution Management Systems (EMSs)

SSEMS are used by brokers to access electronic markets and achieve the best executions for their clients, increasingly in combination with advanced, automated and algorithmic trading strategies and smart order routing.

High volume and specialist traders suffer from the associated limitations of a combined EMS / OMS (EOMS) and separate best-of-breed- OMS and EMS systems tend allow more control and refinements in the trading process.


diliger's SSEMS survey reviews the following key functionality:

  • Trade capture
  • Click Trading
  • Basket Trading
  • Programme trading
  • Electronic Trading
  • Send waves
  • FIX enabled
  • Trade Status / Fill %
  • Support full range of order types
  • IOIs Supported
  • Direct orders to destination
  • Automated routing
  • Time in Force Orders
  • Direct Market Access (DMA)
  • Deliver bid and ask to specified 'channel' of distribution
  • Algorithmic trading
  • Broker algorithms supported
  • Build trading algos on the fly
  • Quick trading buttons
  • Explain the process for adding a new broker algorithm
  • Trade blotters
  • Sort blotters
  • Filter Blotters
  • Real-time trade blotter
  • Best bid and offer for each order
  • Aggregate trades
  • Future rolls
  • Order Book Passing
  • Integrated market data
  • Alerts of crossing opportunities
  • Explain any 3rd party connectivity / transaction fee
  • Broker neutral platform