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ABSA Case Study

9 August 2017

ABSA – increasing efficiency, and that’s a fact.

ABSA Fund Managers has improved fund factsheet throughput, shortened delivery timescales and streamlined handling of reporting data while increasing quality – thanks to Factbook Factsheets.


The provision of regular, timely and informative communications to the industry, advisers and investors alike is vital to the success of investment management companies both locally and internationally.

The challenges faced to achieve this generally revolve around a number of key areas – efficiency and accountability of data management, workflows and processes; compliance with both regulatory requirements and best practice guidelines; content and brand consistency; the responsibility to inform and educate all stakeholders with meaningful, factual and relevant data and information.

Ensuring that fund factsheets for collective investment scheme portfolios, are delivered with accurate and required content, in a timely fashion every month, far too commonly, proves to be an error prone, manual and iterative process, resulting in an unnecessary resource drain and an increase in operational risk.

This is a challenge that impacts upon the business operations of every single management company in South Africa and, with new regulations looming, is a challenge that management companies can ill afford to take lightly. for more detail.

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