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Press Association

292 Vauxhall Bridge Road
United Kingdom


As a trusted news agency for over a century, we make sense of official data to ensure you can provide audiences with easily accessible facts. Our agenda setting breaking news feeds are used by every major national and regional media organisation.

Press Association is the leading multimedia content provider and national news agency offering unrivalled content and digital media services.  As home to the national news agency of the UK and Ireland, the Press Association proudly takes its place at the heart of the UK media news providing a continuous feed of text, pictures, video and data into newsrooms around the country.  Alongside our core national news agency operation, the Press Association also supplies a wide range of content and editorial services ranging from international sports data, comprehensive entertainment guides and photo syndication to editorial training and weather forecasting. We work with customers across the media industry including national and regional newspapers, magazines, TV and radio broadcasters and digital platforms.  The Press Association is also a key news supplier to non-media customers, assisting commercial, government and not-for-profit organisations to access information and communicate successfully.

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