e·Opt Solutions



We are a unique products and services company, that offers smart solutions in the Energy Trading and Risk Management space. This venture is motivated by our professional judgement as industry insiders, that some very key business areas in the Energy Trading domain suffer from a critical lack of structured attention by mainstream IT vendors.

Energy Markets today offer great opportunities that inevitably lead to equally large exposure to market, model, credit and operational risks. Right decisions at the right time are the key differentiators in this market. Furthermore, with increased regulatory pressures and heightened scrutiny from auditors, there needs to be a paradigm shift in the way IT and Business come together to face these challenges.

The industry is crying out for Decision Support Systems that are intelligent, robust and offer measurable returns on investment.

We at e·Opt aim to deliver such solutions...... to complex problems in Pricing, Hedging, Risk Control and  Forecasting. We help companies with tools to achieve technical and operational excellence. 

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