LogicManager is the recognized leader of enterprise risk management (ERM) solutions and the developer of the RIMS Risk Maturity Model for Enterprise Risk Management™.  Since our founding in 2005, LogicManager has provided a foundation for ERM programs to over 2000 customers worldwide. Our team, with offices in the United States and Europe, is deeply committed to helping our clients maximize the business value of their organization’s risk intelligence.  From the start, LogicManager recognized the need for enterprise risk management in corporations of all sizes and industries to make more informed strategic and performance decisions, so we built an ERM platform from the ground-up.  LogicManager’s patent-pending Taxonomy technology enables organizations to benefit from seeing all their risks and controls, across all silos on a common platform, but also see how they are linked to the board and senior management’s strategic goals. LogicManager’s diverse set of analytical tools empowers organizations to be forward-looking and prioritize resources to the risks that could impact their goals, resulting in improved business performance and resiliency.  In 2008, the RIMS Risk Management Society published the results of our work, proving a direct correlation between better business performance and a higher degree of adherence to the ERM practices that provide the foundation of our tool.  Following this discovery, professional development organizations (such as the AICPCU and Institute of Internal Auditors) have recognized our work and incorporated the RIMS Risk Maturity model into their recommendations.

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