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OTCX Trading


OTCX is an independent, cloud-based platform for multi-asset OTC bilateral negotiation.  Community:  - OTCX provides a communication platform for bilateral negotiation between the buy side and sell side communities  - Trading information is standardised across counterparties allowing for detailed market and transaction analysis  Compliance:  - Price discovery RFQ process allows for Best Execution on OTC trading  - A single, unique trade record enriched with all supporting information and documentation available at the touch of a button  - Detailed audit trail for the entire life cycle of the trade  Cloud:  - Fast, secure access to the global trading community provided over a private cloud  - No requirement to install additional software; access from anywhere on supported mobile platforms  Connectivity:  - Full integration adapters to market-leading buy side OMS and PMS providers over FIX and other information protocols  - Post-trade allocations and integration

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