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Lyquidity is a leading specialist in spreadsheet management and control.  Clients range from insurance, financial trading, through to governments and defence.  The two key products:

ComplyXL is a specialist spreadsheet control system for the management and analysis of Excel spreadsheets by providing change control, tracking, audit and review capabilities.  This ensures faster financial reporting and reducing the regulatory and compliance risks wherever spreadsheets are used.

StrongTyping for Excel spreadsheets has been developed to help highlight errors before they are incorporated into spreadsheet models and help create a reliable baseline for auditing spreadsheets.  This is achieved by applying programming validation principles to the cells and formulas from which spreadsheet models are created.  It highlights logical inconsistences within and between formulas so you know which need to be fixed.  Once the spreadsheet has been Strongly Typed and validated, spreadsheet models can be saved as a template which can be reused and shared with others so saving on time taken to create a reliable spreadsheet and helping to reduce errors.  Strong Typing uses Patent Pending technology.

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