Solace Systems



Solace makes hardware and software message routers that efficiently move real-time information between distributed applications, devices and users over all kinds of local and global networks. Solace message routers unify many kinds of data movement so companies can efficiently move all of the information associated with serving customers and making smarter decisions as part of big data, cloud computing, e-commerce, mobility and Internet of Things initiatives.

Solace Systems, Inc. was founded in 2001 with the goal of using proven networking techniques to redefine what was possible in messaging middleware and other forms of data distribution. After its initial R&D effort, Solace signed its first beta customer in 2004 and was shipping units for production deployment by 2007.

Since that time, the need to share and act on an ever-increasing volume of real-time information has revolutionized not just information technology, but business strategies and entire industries. Today companies must continuously adapt to incredibly fast technology cycles so they can capitalize on the insights found among big data, the automation enabled by the Internet of Things, and the game-changing economics and flexibility of cloud computing.

Solace technology helps companies succeed by meeting diverse data movement requirements – from cloud, queue-based and pub/sub messaging to WAN synchronization and web streaming – with a single backbone that offers elastic capacity and five nines reliability, yet costs far less than inferior technologies. With a unique combination of hardware and software we’ve reinvented the way data flows between applications, devices, people and platforms so developers and architects can invent the next-generation applications and infrastructure that will define success for years to come.

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