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TIM Group is a private limited company focused on developing technology for the finance sector. Our core products are software applications that enables institutional brokers to gain rewards for generating alpha via trade ideas whilst helping investment managers to achieve market-beating returns.

Alpha Capture Experts

At TIM Group, our core products are centered around alpha capture. To find out more about alpha capture and the market participants, visit our alpha capture page for a full explanation. Global Reach

We have offices on three continents, clients in over 40 countries and almost 100 employees. Our network serves over 3,000 sell-side brokers and 350 buy-side firms across the globe. The Future

We are committed to continually building a community that serves tens of thousands (and eventually hundreds of thousands) of financial professionals.

Our mission – to provide valuable market insight which is measured and rewarded

TIM Group has a two-fold mission: (1) To provide investors with insights which help them earn market-beating returns, and (2) to help the originators of market insight to earn incremental revenue.

As shown in the diagram below, we fulfil this mission by sourcing market insight from sell-side brokers and other sources, and adding value through our own analytical expertise. We deliver the resulting analysis to investors. We encourage investors to reward the sell-side contributors for their insight. We measure the value of the insights provided to help ensure a fair reward for contributors.

By fulfilling our mission successfully, we contribute to the success of investors, sell-side contributors, and the financial markets:

  1. We help investors make good investment and trading decisions by applying the market insight we provide.
  2. We help sell-side brokers (and other providers) earn incremental revenue from the investors who receive market insight. We measure the value of the market insight and encourage buy-side investors to give commensurate rewards.
  3. We contribute to the health of the financial markets, because markets are healthier when insightful analysis is recognised and rewarded.

We fulfil our mission today primarily by distributing equity-based trade ideas and market indicators. We will further fulfil our mission in the future by tapping new sources of market insight, supplying our analysis to new audiences, and extending the reach of our analysis to include additional asset classes.

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