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Web Financial Group

75 boulevard Haussmann
Hofmannstr. 25-27,
c/ Pedro Teixeira 8
10 Lower Thames ST
United Kingdom
River Point, 444 West Lake Street
IL 60606 USA
United States


Since 2000 Web Financial Group strives to democratize access to market-moving investment information for retail investors through web-based solutions for the integration, presentation, and promotion of market and financial data.

Today, Web Financial Group continues its commitment to innovation as a data-driven managed service solutions provider, bringing innovative solutions to help financial institutions better meet the evolving needs of investors.

With more than 170 financial services clients including, -retail and institutional banks, financial institutions and insurance companies-, Web Financial Group is the only player in the market that combines the intelligence of Adtech with the efficiency and user-driven approach of Fintech.

While Web Financial Group’s Tech division integrates innovative technology to build the most efficient market and financial data platforms, Web Financial Group’s Media division offers client acquisition & activation tools using its own audience of more than 20 million unique users globally, allowing financial institutions to deliver targeted messages and ads to clients based on their digital behavior.

As a result of the combined Media and Tech business, Web Financial Group has created Vortex, a revolutionary digital Big Data solution for banks, publishers and advertisers.

With headquarters in Madrid, Spain, Web Financial Group has a strong presence in Europe, North America and Latin America. Nowadays the company is growing and opening new markets counting on the best professionals and partners in each country.

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