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MiFID II Reporting - What Is The Game Plan Now?

19 January 2016


A complimentary webinar that will be held on Jan 19th 2016 - 3 pm (GMT) / 10 am (EST)

In a DerivSource webinar we discuss MiFID II trade and transaction reporting - the hurdles ahead and strategies for building a compliant and efficient reporting operation.

As a comprehensive and wide-reaching new regulation, new requirements under MiFID II impact all areas of the trade lifecycle but it hits trade and transaction reporting particularly hard. The requirements for trade and transaction reporting are wide and deep which requires financial institutions to re-think existing systems and procedures to support compliance, however, for many firms MiFID II presents a unique opportunity to establish a strategic plan of action to ensure they have the structure, technology and governance in place to comply with trade reporting as efficiently and as cost-effectively as possible.  

In this DerivSource webinar, industry experts will discuss their game plans for tackling the new trade and transaction reporting requirements under MiFID II by shedding light on the challenges they face and the key changes they will implement to ensure their trade and transaction reporting operations deliver the quality required to comply with the new rules. The panel will explore the elements of their strategic plans to establish the data governance, automated processes, technological investments and use of data standards required to reduce the cost-burden of trade reporting while ensure absolute compliance with MiFID II rules. 

The panel will discuss:

  • What are the trade and transaction reporting requirements under MiFID II and how do they compare to EMIR trade reporting?
  • What are the biggest challenges firms face in complying with these new rules?
  • How can firms improve governance to ensure new reporting processes meet the new needs under MiFID but also improve reporting overall?
  • What are the technological investments or improvements firms can make to reduce manual intervention and boost automation throughout the process?
  • What role do data standards play in reporting compliance plans?
  • What changes can firms adopt to improve data quality?
  • What is the opportunity firms can take advantage of in preparing for the new trade reporting requirements?
  • What is the timeline firms should be working towards to ensure they meet the deadline?


  • PJ Di Giammarino, CEO, JWG Group
  • Jim Bennett, Managing Director, Sapient Global Markets
  • Arun Karur, Vice President, Sapient Global Markets
  • Cian O' Braonain, Director, Sapient Global Markets

Moderator: Julia Schieffer, Founder & Editor of

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