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Collateral Utilities – What Do They Mean For Collateral Managers?

15 September 2015


A complimentary webinar Sept 15th (10am NY, 3pm UK) sponsored by Calypso Technology

In a DerivSource webinar, market experts explore how in-house collateral management processes and businesses might evolve as the market opens its doors to collateral utilities.

Recently, the derivatives market has adopted a more collaborative approach to address greater margin requirements new financial regulation will introduce for both cleared and non-cleared derivatives with the formation of collateral utilities and more hub-style processing outfits. These utilities created through vendor-support processing hubs or strategic alliances, such as those struck between Euroclear and DTCC, Clearstream and Commerzbank and most recently, Euroclear, DTCC, AcadiaSoft, TriOptima and a set of invested banks, all aim to improve operational efficiency and transparency collateral management processing and mobility; however, for market participants, there are many unanswered questions as to how they will or will not engage with new entities.

In a DerivSource webinar, industry participants will discuss this shift towards utilities for collateral management utilities and hub-style processing outfits and how this move will impact individual market players (buy side and sell side) and their own collateral management processes operationally, technologically and strategically.  Attendees will also learn how both buy-side and sell-side firms can leverage utilities to support regulatory compliance but also ensure value-added functions and services remain under the control of their own collateral management operation.

The panel will discuss:

  • What makes a utility?
  • What are the pros and cons of using a utility?
  • What processes can be allocated to a utility and what should remain in-house?
  • What are the value-added functions firms should keep in-house?
  • What are the challenges for firms and the market in general as the industry moves towards use of utilities?
  • What are the true benefits the market can achieve?
  • Will use of a utility really help meet regulatory requirements (CCP clearing under EMIR & capital rules)?
  • How will the introduction of collateral utilities shift the industry at large and collateral businesses overall?


  • Cynthia Meyn, Executive Vice President, Operations at PIMCO
  • Mike Burdian, Senior Vice President - Collateral at PIMCO
  • David Little, Managing Director, Strategy and Business Development at Calypso Technology
  • Amy Caruso, Director, Strategy and North America Business Development, The DTCC

 Moderator: Julia Schieffer , Founder & Editor of

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