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SA-CCR - Understanding Implementation Challenges to Create an Effective Adoption Plan

15 June 2016


A webinar June 16th 10am NY/ 3pm UK/4pm Paris

In a DerivSource webinar, a panel of regulatory and risk experts discuss the organisational and infrastructure changes required to support the new standardised approach for measuring counterparty risk (SA-CCR) and how adoption plans can go beyond regulatory compliance to support strategic risk management goals.

With the official deadline nearing for the SA-CCR, financial institutions need to have an action plan in place to comply with the new BCBS standardised approach for measuring counterparty credit risk exposures.Implementation of this new framework, which is broad and prescriptive, requires the involvement of all corners of a financial institution - the front office, risk management, compliance, collateral management and IT - who will need to work together to establish the infrastructure and cohesive processes. For most firms, the SA-CCR adoption program must do double duty in that it should also support other strategic initiatives, namely the need for balance sheet optimisation.

In a DerivSource webinar, a panel of risk and regulatory experts explore SA-CCR in depth by discussing the intricacies of the new methodologies, how the new regulation is being interpreted (by both banks and supervisors), and the challenges the industry faces in implementing a strategic SA-CCR adoption plan. The panel will also discuss the operational, organisational and technological challenges market participants face to move away CEM and SM to the new standardised approach and share how they are enriching data feeds, utilising technology and collaborating with all internal departments to adopt this new credit counterparty risk measurement framework. The panel will explore the following in the webinar:

  • • What does the new SA-CCR approach entail and how is it different from the current practices?
  • • What are some of the nuances of SA-CCR that are likely to cause complexity?
  • • What are the different interpretations of SA-CCR among banks and supervisors?
  • • What are the data requirements for SA-CCR?
  • • What are the data challenges firms face in adopting this new approach?
  • • What is the front office’s involvement need to be? How do firms obtain the cross-team collaboration required?
  • • What does a SA-CCR infrastructure look like? Should a regulation calculation engine be included?
  • • Why is collaboration across departments essential to a strategic and long-term compliance plan?
  • • How can compliance plans for SA-CCR work to support more strategic goals such as balance sheet optimisation?
  • • Where should firms be in their planning and implementation process at this time?


  • Alexandre Bon, Senior Solution Architect, Marketing & Professional Services at Murex
  • Arthur Rabatin, CIO, Derivatives Counterparty and Funding Risk at Deutsche Bank
  • Dr. Holger Plank, Senior Manager at d-fine AG
  • Moderator: Julia Schieffer, Founder & Editor of

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