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EMIR OTC Clearing: What's Next?

28 June 2016


A webinar June 29th (10am NY/3pm London/4pm Paris) (Register below)

In a DerivSource webinar, a panel explores the steps needed to prepare for EMIR OTC clearing and new market developments aiming to support buy-side firms, and corporates mid-tier banks join the clearing space successfully.

The next wave of financial counterparties (category 2) is gearing up for EMIR OTC clearing. How will their journey be different from the clearing members? In a DerivSource webinar, OTC market participants will offer a status update on EMIR OTC clearing following the June 2016 deadline for clearing members. We will highlight lessons learned so far, which will be useful for the next wave of participating firms – category 2 financial institutions.

The panel will explore the strategic decisions and operational steps to be taken by category 2 firms (buy-side firms and mid-tier banks) as they prepare to meet the OTC clearing obligation under EMIR. Attendees will learn about the challenges related to documentation, collateral management (including initial margin requirements under BCBS/IOSCO), capital efficiency and operational processes. New market developments and direct access solutions for the buy side that may assist in streamlining the journey to central clearing and improve its chances of long-term success will also be addressed.

The panel will discuss some of the following topics: 

  • What lessons have we learned from category 1 firms now they are live with EMIR OTC clearing?
  • How will the journey to OTC clearing be different between CAT 1, 2 and CAT 3 firms?
  • What are the biggest concerns of category 2 firms when preparing for OTC clearing?
  • How are firms looking to improve capital efficiency to support OTC clearing? Are direct access models for the buy side the next big thing?
  • How are firms changing their collateral management operations to meet the new margin requirements for both cleared and non-cleared derivatives?
  • How has the OTC clearing space changed in the last year to evolve with market needs?
  • How will new market developments or new solutions help category 2 firms as they embark on OTC clearing?

   Speakers: To be announced shortly

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