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Derivatives Collateral Management - Are You On Track?

6 October 2015


A complimentary webinar Oct 6th 2015 (10am NY, 3pm UK, 4pm Paris) 

With the derivatives industry still in flux, market participants continue to contend with increased margin requirements new regulation impose on both cleared and non-cleared derivatives.  Many firms have already invested in collateral management operations to support mandatory CCP clearing of standardised OTC derivatives but will need to make strategic decisions impacting internal practices and external relationships to respond to further market-wide changes such as Basel III. 

In a DerivSource webinar, industry experts will review recent derivatives market and regulatory developments and explore how the firms on both, buy side and sell side, are evolving their internal operations and external relationships to keep ahead of market change. The findings of the research report "Derivatives Collateral Management: Entering the Industrial Age?" will be reviewed but the panel will also discuss the following:

  • •  Basel III - what is the likely impact on the cost and availability of collateral and clearing services? 
  • •  Non-mandated OTC derivatives - should these instruments be cleared? Why or why not? 
  • •  Front-office engagement - is the front office more engaged in collateral management? Is there a different  level of involvement among buy-side vs. sell-side firms? 
  • •  Collateral mobility - what are the best practices to support improved movement of collateral to support  global requirements? 
  • •  Automation - where is there a lack of internal or external automation in the collateral management chain? 
  • •  Margin messaging - what are the industry developments in improving margin messaging? 
  • • Outsourcing - what functions are ideally outsourced in the current market environment? How do firms  utilise collateral hubs and utilities? 
  • • Collateral transformation - will use of tri-party repo and securities lending increase to support the need for  more collateral? Are firms looking elsewhere for services? 
  • • Clearing broker relationships - how are relationships changes as a result of collateral management  requirements? What do buy-side firms require in a clearing broker? 
  • • 2016 - what trends will impact the coming year? Will the market be ready to meet the deadlines ahead?

Speakers: •Ted Leveroni, COO, DTCC-Euroclear GlobalCollateral Ltd. •Virginie O’Shea, Senior Analyst, AiteGroup

Moderator: Julia Schieffer, Founder & Editor of

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