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Listed Dividend Derivatives: Why This Asset Class Is Going Mainstream

15 March 2016


A complimentary webinar March 15th (10am NY/3pm London 4pm Paris)

Listed dividend derivatives is one of the younger asset class going mainstream. In a DerivSource webinar, we explore how and why firms are incorporating dividend futures (and swaps) as part of their hedging strategies in 2016. 

Listed dividend derivatives is a growing asset class coming into maturity as an increasing number asset managers, hedge funds and investors are including listed dividend derivatives as part of their hedging strategies. European market players may have cornered this market since inception in 2008; however, the recent launch of dividend futures in other jurisdictions is paving the way for global growth of this niche asset class.

In a DerivSource webinar, a panel explores how market participants are using listed dividend derivatives as part of wider hedging strategies and the advantages this asset class offers investors in the current environment of insecure dividend payouts across the board. The panel will look ahead to the evolution of this asset class as its reach expands beyond Europe to the US and Asia and the range of product categories available in both single stock and index dividend derivatives widens. 

The webinar will cover the following topics:

  • • What are the types of dividend derivatives available today and where?
  • • How are derivatives dividends used in various hedging strategies?
  • • What are the advantages listed dividend derivatives offer investors and buy-side firms?
  • • How will dividend derivatives help firms manage exposures and risks in the short and long-term? 
  • • What is driving the growth listed dividend derivatives?
  • • What markets are active in dividend derivatives? What about the US and Asia?

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