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BCBS: A Look at the Impact & Implementation of FRTB & SA-CCR

19 November 2015


In a DerivSource webinar, industry experts explore the implications of BCBS’ proposed market and counterparty risk requirements and how banks can adopt changes that go beyond compliance.

The BCBS proposed revisions to internal banking risk frameworks is top of the list for banks who are focused on understanding the implications of these changes which require and overhaul internal risk models and practices including market risk and counterparty credit risk. For most banks, the focus of late remains squarely on understanding and implementing the new requirements, such as FRTB and SA-CCR, but are firms transforming their business models to go beyond compliance and build competitive edge in the long-term?

In a DerivSource webinar, we will offer an overview of the BCBS proposed revisions to the market risk framework (under FRTB) and credit counterparty risk (SA-CCR).  The panel of industry experts will explore the impact of new requirements on existing risk management procedures, systems uses and discuss how banks can leverage this radical change to support long-term business growth and competitiveness.


  • Arthur Rabatin, CIO, Derivatives Counterparty and Funding Risk at Deutsche Bank
  • Michel Dorval, Global Regulatory Architect at Misys 
  • Denny Dewnarain, Global Head Capital Markets - Solution & Sales enablement atMisys
  • Stephen Gilkes, Senior Change Management Professional for Financial Institutions

Moderator: Julia Schieffer, Founder & Editor of

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