EarlyIQ is the leading provider of simple, secure online diligence and compliance solutions for private financial markets.

Key Features

Diligence Report

Mitigate the risk of Bad Actors with verified details about your private investment opportunity

A custom EarlyIQ Diligence Report eliminates complexity and delivers unprecedented visibility into the background details of your target investment company. Through our proprietary process, we triangulate information from public record, online, offline and self reported information to give stakeholders actionable insight into both the target organization and the team behind it.

Accredited Investor Verification

Regulation D, 506(c) investors verify as Accredited while maintaining confidentiality and control

The legalization of General Solicitation of private investment through SEC's Regulation D, Rule 506(c) has created opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs to connect in a more open and transparent fashion than ever before.  What has been historically prohibited, is now specifically enabled with the goal of increasing investment opportunities and access to capital. With that newly created venue comes new requirements for all issuers, investors, and facilitators of the private investment transactions.  Issuers of publicly marketed, private securities (generally, entrepreneurs) must now take "reasonable steps" to verify that all investors in their company qualify as Accredited.

Self-certification of being an Accredited Investor is not sufficient when investing in Generally Solicited private securities.

Verification In 3 Simple Steps

  1. Enter basic personal information in our secure online environment
  2. Verify your identity
  3. Select your basis of accreditation and submit evidence online

It takes about 10 minutes to complete these three steps. Our secure, automatic connections to data providers including the IRS makes the Early IQ Accredited Investor verification process quick, easy and secure.

When you receive your third party Accredited Investor verification through EarlyIQ, your private information stays private. Our unique methodology keeps your data private while allowing you to share your Verification Certificate freely and securely. You stay in complete control of your personal information.  We take what the SEC deems reasonable steps to verify your Accredited Investor status, leaving our Accredited Investors with no doubt that their EarlyIQ Accredited Investor verification will comply with the verification burden of SEC's Rule 506(c).

Ensure Compliance with Rule 506(d)

A streamlined and focused version of our Premium Diligence Report, the 506 Bad Actor Screening report is best suited for intermediaries and issuers who demand an efficient and comprehensive tool to facilitate SEC Regulation D, Rule 506(d) compliance. 

Rule 506(d) Screening Report

Mitigate the risk of Bad Actors and comply with SEC regulation by commissioning this EarlyIQ report on 506 transactions.

A custom EarlyIQ Rule 506(d) Screening Report takes the complexity associated with new regulation compliance and delivers all the necessary information in one simple to use report. Through our proprietary process, we work with issuers and their required participants to collect, analyze, and publish Regulation-specific information.

Key Benefits

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