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New technologies are changing the payment processing business by allowing newcomers to more easily enter the market with innovative services and enabling existing companies to retain customers by improving their offerings. Solace can help both new and established payment processors better compete in this fast-moving and increasingly competitive market.

Solace message routers can efficiently distribute data between enterprise applications, third-party services and end users in real-time over all kinds of networks – LAN, WAN and web/mobile.

Here are a few ways Solace has helped new players and established leaders improve the flow of information through their payment processing infrastructure, all with a powerful platform that’s been proven on Wall Street.

  • Decouple customer-facing services from back-end applications with an event-driven architecture that enables the rapid introduction of new services without impacting core credit/payment processing.
  • More easily connect with businesses and issuers thanks to support for new and emerging standards.
  • Capture and distribute application logs in real-time to ensure system responsiveness and faster identification of problems to allow for more proactive capacity planning.
  • Support sophisticated real-time web and mobile apps through integrated internet streaming.

Established Payment Processors

The leading payment processors have amassed huge volumes of information over the years, and assembled complex sets of processing and storage technologies to manage it.

Solace can help these firms unlock data stored in legacy systems and efficiently distribute it to powerful new analytics engines along with end users via web and mobile apps. This lets them make smarter decisions, monetize all of the information at their disposal, and easily add innovative services to their portfolios without disrupting core back-end systems. At the same time, the robustness and high availability built into every Solace message router can improve the uptime and responsiveness of their infrastructure.

New Payment Processors

Unencumbered by historical data and outdated infrastructure, new entrants to the market can quickly attract customers with innovative offerings in areas such as micropayments and mobile transactions. The lower volume of transactions also makes it easier for them to capture and use that information to help businesses and credit card issuers better understand the behavior of customers within segments and across markets.

Solace message routers can establish an efficient flow of reference and transactional data between customers and the rapidly evolving set of tools and technologies they use to securely process payments.

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