PriceHub 2.4


PriceHub: Knowledge Solutions for Energy

With PriceHub we combine our unique insight of the energy trading business with our deep understanding of technology. This application suite encompasses an integrated set of software tools that complement conventional ETRM systems. Using PriceHub our clients bridge some vital gaps that were otherwise being bridged sub-optimally, or via ad-hoc solutions.

Key Features

The PriceHub suite consists of the following individually licenseable modules:

e·PoolMarket Price Data Managemente·CurveThe Energy Forward Curvee·PriceEnergy Contract Pricinge·VaRInnovative approach to Risk Management and Controle·ComplyComprehensive Regulatory Reportinge·LinkSeamless Interface to Trading Platformse·FlowNomination and Scheduling Solution

In addition, PriceHub has a core framework layer that is common to all the individual modules. This layer provides the following common functions:

Security and Access Control Internal and External CommunicationUser ManagementStatic Data ConfigurationAudit ControlData Access and ValidationEnvironment ConfigurationReporting and Data Mining Services

Key Benefits

PriceHub is built on the .NET Framework, using C# and VB.NET. Our applications run on Oracle 10/11g and above. PriceHub exposes critical functionality and data as Webservices, and can hence be integrated into a SOA Infrastructure Landscape.

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