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We have deep experience with a wide array of data each with the ability to offer unique insights into behaviors of consumer, markets and asset classes.

Lien/LoanMore the 1 billion records reflecting origination and performance of more than 30 million U.S. liens

PropertyGreater than 95% of the U.S. transactions evaluated for market trends and insights

ConsumerEvaluate current data on more than 250 million consumers in both anonymized and matched research

EconomicData that covers nearly every street corner in the U.S.

SecuritiesInformation on more than 1.5 million mortgage related CUSIPs and expanding to include all structured products

Key Features

Data as our engine

Five Bridges has architected, built and maintains one of the largest financial data marts in the world.   With aggregated data from multiple disparate systems we have built analytical and reporting tools to provide timely, comprehensive, and strategic insight into factors impacting business.  Our data mart has become the engine of our analytical development.  It is powered by the latest hardware and software technology offering clients the ability to leverage our investments directly.

Our professionals offer clients strategic support in database development and integration, and in the sourcing and management of the best data the industry has to offer.   We have developed, built and maintained external data marts for banks, investors, insurance companies, and federal government agencies allowing them to leverage our experience across technology and data, all at once.

Data Security

Five Bridges takes data security seriously.   We have gone to great lengths to protect information from getting into the wrong hands.  Our SSAE 16 Type II certified data centers offer:

  • 24/7/364 armed protection and monitoring
  • Five (5) separate layers of bio-metric access controls
  • Redundant power and instant failover
  • Redundant filtered HVAC with 90-second recirculation
  • Advanced fire suppression
  • Secure and encrypted application access and data transmission
  • Centralized access and security protocols

Leveraging Data Technologies

No opportunity to improve data utilization goes unused at Five Bridges.  We have experience in working with all of these data technologies in enhancing speed and access to our data or yours.

  • Grid computing on in-house and cloud platforms, such as AWS and Microsoft Azure
  • Distributed computing framework
  • Hypercubes, OLAP, in-memory processing
  • Specialized high performance hardware (NAND SSD)
  • NoSQL and Columnar databases
  • Business Intelligence frameworks such as LogiAnalytics, Telerik and SSIS

Compliance support for Big Data

At Five Bridges we have found many ways to manage enterprise data.  Our data modeling solution provides a simple, visual interface to manage your complex data environment.  The dilemma that most mortgage bankers, servicers, investors, originators and government entities face is how to make sense of all the data that is available. We help provide a centralized view of key data and an understanding of the data in context through either web-based portals or a desktop design.

Key Benefits

Our data modeling addresses the following issues:

  • Systematically maps data by gathering metadata
  • Builds an inventory of important data and cross schemes
  • Overcomes the challenges of vocabulary and classification management
  • Drives integration through data modeling
  • Assists analysts with capturing requirements for data management
  • Improves data quality

At Five Bridges we help our clients to navigate the regulatory environment by leveraging technology and our access to data.   Regulations are becoming an even more intricate part of the mortgage industry. In response to that need, Five Bridges creates automated workflow platforms designed to provide an auditable trail for risk management and regulatory compliance.

Product/Service Details

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