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IFRS 9 solution


AxiomSL’s solution for International Financial Reporting Standard 9 (IFRS 9) addresses key aspects of the requirements, including the classification and measurement of assets. External models can be easily integrated into the solution to calculate expected credit losses (ECL). Alternatively, clients can leverage an in-built model that has been developed by AxiomSL’s partner, AlgoSave.

The IFRS 9 solution is built on the same platform as the other solutions AxiomSL provides for a wide range of regulatory calculation and reporting requirements, including International Accounting Standard 39 (IAS 39) and Financial Reporting (FINREP) in Europe.

Key Features

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Key Benefits

  • A single platform that can be used for IFRS 9 and multiple regulatory calculation and reporting requirements globally
  • Aggregation of disparate data, including risk and financial data
  • Automation of the classification and measurement of assets
  • The ability to integrate external risk models
  • ECL calculations at both entity and portfolio level
  • Scenario testing
  • Ongoing monitoring of changes to the requirements and provision of updates



Product/Service Details

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