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B2 Generators


Generator modules provide banks and their corporate clients with a self-service solution for generation of complex documentation and test files to greatly increase the efficiency of the corporate client on-boarding process. Indeed, with the B2 Channel Suite, banks can on-board small, medium and large clients alike, so that every client can be treated as a VIP client without consuming the banks precious expert on-boarding team resources.

  • B2 ChannelDoc Generator automated documentation portal, enabling banks and their clients to generate complex documentation such as message implementation guides.
  • B2 ChannelMap Generator an easy to use tool to automatically map data from incoming to outgoing report fields, applies simple transformation, validation and sequencing to file content whilst maintaining versioning and the full audit trail for the most complex of mapping options
  • B2 ChannelTest Generator simulated client testing portal, enabling corporates to end-to-end test new payment and direct debit instruction files, validating format, going through simulated bank validation rules, generating payment status reports and statements.

The Channel Suite tools may also be integrated to provide automated export from a document within ChannelDoc (e.g. an XML schema from a MIG) into ChannelTest for simulated end-to-end testing.

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