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Banking financial messaging


Bottomline provides a proven data transformation and comprehensive business flows integration solution. The cost effective and highly scalable service ensures global interoperability and is able to deliver significant cost reductions by improving business process automation—enabling organizations to concentrate on core value propositions and revenue generation.

The Bottomline transformation and application integration solution effortlessly manages the co-existence of different standard message formats, sophisticated content, and event-driven workflows and business process automation. Regardless of format and protocol, Bottomline’s best-in-class service delivers interoperability between legacy, national, SWIFT, SEPA, and any XML messaging standards. 

Key Features

The Bottomline data transformation solution can be easily integrated in any environment or architecture, depending upon business needs. The intuitive drag-and-drop graphical user interface allows total control and customisation of process flows to ensure the highest possible rates of automation and efficiency:

  • Bottomline GTFrame format conversion is non-intrusive ensuring seamless SEPA and any XML compliance
  • Totally flexible deployment architecture
    • Can be provided as an outsourced hosted managed service with Bottomline GTCloud
    • Alternatively licensed for in-house implementation as a stand-alone Enterprise Application       Integration (EAI) solution
    • Can additionally be embedded into an existing third party application to provide comprehensive internal transformation and integration functionalities
  • Efficient rule-based mapping tools between any formats with content and event-based intelligent      transformation
  • Support of all financial libraries such as SWIFT FIN, all ISO 20022 (e.g. Payments, Funds, Exceptions & Investigations, Cash Reporting), FIX, SAP-IDoc,SIC, Secom, FpML, BACS, SARIE, Edifact, DTCC, and many others
  • Content enrichment and enhancement, automated message generation, XML production, legacy format parsing, bulking/debulking, and market datafeed decoding 
  • Fully comprehensive solution for Funds MX standards covering account management, order flows, transfers, reconciliation messages, and price and cash forecast reporting

Key Benefits

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