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Liquidity management


Managing liquidity across your enterprise requires a financial process automation platform that can provide accurate, real-time visibility into your global cash positions. Our global cash management portfolio allows organizations to easily centralize and standardize the key payment and reporting processes critical to increased efficiency, visibility, and control of cash. The modular design and extensive array of dashboards and reports allows you to choose the functionality you need to customize a solution that works for your organization. 

Key Features

  • Centralized connectivity to the global financial community
  • Highly customizable dashboards that provide views of corporate data consolidated at any level (such as line of business, geography, or currency)
  • Sophisticated workflow and reconciliation capabilities
  • Multi-level drill-down capabilities for more efficient navigation through large quantities of information
  • Support for complex organizational information ownership and account access entitlements by system administrators and end users

Key Benefits

Our powerful, global liquidity management solution helps global enterprises:

  • Easily manage connectivity to your global financial supply chain
  • Establish and maintain consolidated control of cash operations from locations all over the world
  • Accurately report balances and the associated transactions
  • Centralize visibility across all financial data sources
  • Optimize working capital by transforming data to actionable intelligence
  • Standardize operating procedures to provide control and ensure regulatory compliance
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