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Global Transaction Services (GTS) Platform


The highly functional B2 Global Transaction Services (GTS) software platform offers underlying functionality for numerous types of message, transaction and report processing, including:

  • Transformation
  • Validation
  • Enrichment
  • Access to reference data
  • Routing
  • Audit Trail
  • Exception Management
  • Transaction Life Cycle Management (e.g. maker/checker or 4 eyes authorization)
  • Configuration of business rules and administration directly by the bank or Corporate client.

The GTS Platform, which may be run on-site or as a fully hosted solution, may be accessed in a number of ways, using The B2 Groups interface software, including:

  • Host-to-host file transfer (batch or individual message), using any file format, standard or protocol, across proprietary networks or market infrastructure such as SWIFT
  • Browser based portal
  • SmartPhone access (iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry)

Key Features

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