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Financial market data management


Unlike fragmented and proprietary solutions, Bottomline's financial message market data solution is a multi-provider and high volume data management platform, integrating every type of market data, including internal sources, to provide the highest levels of efficiency to your organisation.

The Bottomline solution dramatically simplifies data management, however complex the task. The definition of data scrubbing rules, scheduling of data acquisition routines, consolidation of requests, generation of rule-based golden copies, calculation of derived data, and management of corporate actions, are all easily and graphically configurable. By providing unrivaled functionality, Bottomline removes the usual cost overheads associated with intensive manual processing, redundant file subscriptions, and failed trades due to poor data quality.

Key Features


  • A fully multi-entity platform, providing complete integration of all market data including OTC or proprietary assets
  • Segregation of information per entity and delivery of custom golden copies for each subscribing application
  • Dashboard configuration to monitor activity with ease
  • Configurable rules for data cleansing and data scrubbing for golden copy creation
  • Dedicated to Corporate Actions management functionality
  • Transformation to pivot format for comparison/matching of sources
  • Alert configuration for actions required when anomalies are encountered
  • Dedicated function to control the cost of data per data provider
  • Four eyes principles for data update and fully configurable coherence tests
  • Use of historical data in relational database to launch consistency processing and create mid to long term charts
  • Extensible and proven platform built on open standards and Java framework

Key Benefits

Bottomline’s market data management services can help your organization gain the competitive edge in today's challenging marketplace:

  • Provides a multi-source and high volume data management platform
  • Supports the highest level of automation to avoid wrong entries and failed trades
  • Centralizes securities files to feed several applications or clients through one single and consolidated master file
  • Dramatically enhances the data quality at the enterprise level with global and consistent views 
  • Removes the cost overheads associated with intensive manual processing and redundant data acquisition
  • Identifies tax profile options for financial instruments with integrated tax calculation module 
  • Provides global oversight with comprehensive 'risk at a glance' dashboard including control parameters customizable per-user or business line
  • Helps users achieve increased efficiency, measurable cost controls, and enhanced profitability

Product/Service Details

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