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OPUS: is our integrated Portfolio, Order, Compliance and Risk Management System optimizing the investment/trading process of Investment Advisers, Managers and Administrators.

Key Features

You want a brilliant solution that will help you achieve efficient seamless investment and trading workflows.

Specifically designed to meet the needs of Investment Managers (Initiator, Advisor, Family Office, Management Company, Super ManCo, SICAR, SPF…) and Administrators, OPUS provides an integrated solution for your entire business processes in the areas of:

  • Portfolio Management
  • Order Management
  • Compliance Management and
  • Risk Management
  • Straight-Through-Processing

You are looking for a smart solution that will help you turn your fund concepts into reality

Risk and Compliance with fund specific and statutory investment guidelines is a fundamental component of fund management. As a result legal requirements are comprehensive and strict and by OPUS addressed sustainably. In terms of the European UCITS IV directive, OPUS monitors risk (such as value at risk, risk-return profiles…) fully automated in real-time or on-the-fly throughout the entire life cycle of an investment decision and resulting order. The Portfolio, Compliance and Risk modules of OPUS take for their calculations and simulations even pending orders (pending execution and settlement) into account.

Key Benefits

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Product/Service Details

User Suitability (Capital Markets & Investment)
Asset Managers, Asset Services
Geographic Availability
Asset Class Coverage
Bonds, Equities , Structured Products
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