Longboat Analytics Fund Focus


Fund Focus is an online fund analytics tool that is used by financial advisers and asset managers to research the market and compare fund performance and risk.

Financial advisers / brokers use Fund Focus to help them back up the investment advice they give to their clients. Advisers can filter funds by their risk profile in order to match funds to their client´s ‘attitude to risk’. Detailed analysis on fund performance and volatility can be undertaken to ensure their clients are investing in top performing funds. Portfolio functionality can be used to set-up and monitor clients existing portfolios and to back test ‘what if’ scenarios in order to support the advice they give to their clients.

Asset Managers / Life Companies use Fund Focus to research the entire market and compare their funds to their peers. Performance and ranking data can be used to help promote their funds to brokers and investors.

Designed with ‘ease of use’ as a priority, this responsive designed website allows advisers to track fund performance and risk, along with the ability to create and monitor model portfolios.

With interactive charting and customisable reports, Fund Focus has everything an adviser needs to help them provide expert advice to their clients.

Key Features

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Key Benefits

  • Get fast access to the data you need
  • Compare performance/volatility of entire market
  • Filter funds by risk profile and custom criteria
  • Create and monitor client portfolios
  • Provide customisable reports for your clients
  • Compare performance gross of AMC (Ireland only)

Product/Service Details

Asset Class Coverage
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