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In many places, Over The Counter trading between dealers and their clients remains a manually intensive process. Not only does this lead to increased operational risk and processing costs, but trading data is fragmented and not easily retrieved or analysed. New regulatory obligations are increasing pressure on all parties to streamline workflows and capture OTC trading data in a more structured manner, with buy side firms bearing the brunt of these changes.

At OTCX, we are passionate about bringing state-of-the-art private cloud technology to the OTC bilateral negotiation space. Our extensive experience of buy side systems and integration puts us in a unique position to deliver our vision of removing the final bastions of manual process.

Our flexible and secure platform is intuitive, accessed from both desktop and mobile applications and fully integrated with key internal systems.

Email, documentation and chat are all stored against a unique record leading to best practice and the ability to perform complex analysis on historical OTC trading data.

Key Features


OTCX provides a communication platform for bilateral negotiation between the buy side and sell side communities.

Trading information is standardised across counterparties allowing for detailed market and transaction analysis.


Price discovery RFQ process allows for Best Execution on OTC trading.

A single, unique trade record enriched with all supporting information and documentation.

Detailed audit trail for the entire life cycle of the trade.


Fast, secure access to the global trading community provided over a private cloud.

No requirement to install additional software; access from anywhere on supported mobile platforms.


Full integration adapters to market-leading buy side OMS and PMS providers over FIX and other information protocols.

Post-trade allocations and integration.

Key Benefits

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Product/Service Details

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