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Reuters Insider


Reuters Insider is a powerful, internet-based delivery platform that includes an innovative set of tools that are readily available from any desktop computer or even on your mobile devices. Reuters Insider also enables you to easily create and distribute your own proprietary content using little more than a standard webcam to build your brand within the global financial community in ways never before possible.

Key Features

  • Get to the point - Scan show transcripts and jump to a specific point in a video to view the content that matters most.
  • Be in the know - Set alerts to never miss an important show. Or simply tune in to Editor's picks, an editorially controlled channel that plays breaking news alongside timely and relevant content, 24/7.
  • Personalize it - Recall relevant content fast by creating your own favorite channel
  • Share shows with contacts - Send an entire show or just a segment via email or instant message - and even include the video link in your reports.
  • Access on-the-go - Watch shows from your mobile device - including your iPhone or iPad.
  • Be part of the conversation - Suggest questions to the producers in advance of or during a live show.

Key Benefits

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Product/Service Details

Deployment Options
Hosted / ASP / Private Cloud
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