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Managed Data Service


Avox matches, riches and maintains legal entity reference data.  The Avox team of researchers and analysts check approximately 250,000 data attributes every week, and maintain records on over 1.7 million entities worldwide.

Avox develops services that help clients address the organisation-wide issues of inaccurate and outdated internal records, as well as siloed data management processes.

Key Features

The Managed Data Service involves the management (matching, enriching, maintaining) of 58 data fields which make up a "core" entity reference data record. Information for these data fields include:

  • Name
  • Addresses (Registered and Operational)
  • Identifiers (e.g. pre-LEI, SWIFT BIC)
  • Industry classifications (e.g. SIC, NACE)
  • Corporate hierarchies (immediate and ultimate parent)
  • Regulatory status (e.g. Regulated by, Regulatory ID)

Key Benefits

  • Clients continuously benefit from the quality checks made by each other and Avox.
  • Avox research capabilities cover more than 250 regulatory jurisdictions worldwide.
  • Avox identifies relationships between legal entities and by doing so, clients have a better understanding of their global risk exposure for each of their counterparts (i.e. trade counter-parties, issuers of assets, clients, custodians or agents).
  • Content is accessible via the portal, ftp/sftp file delivery and web-service based api.



Product/Service Details

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