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Shareholding Disclosures solution


AxiomSL’s solution provides the rules sets, calculations, templates and reporting functionality needed to remain compliant with shareholding disclosure requirements around the world, including the EU Transparency Directive, EU Takeover Bids Directive, the EU Short Selling Regulation and many others. The solution leverages the legal data contained in Rulefinder Shareholding Disclosure, which is an online service provided by aosphere LLP, an affiliate of international legal practice Allen & Overy LLP.

AxiomSL’s ‘one platform’ model means the same architecture can also be used to comply with all other regulatory reporting requirements, greatly reducing the cost and complexity of compliance.

Key Features

  • A single platform that can be used not only for shareholding disclosures, but also for all other major regulatory reporting requirements globally
  • Rules sets for shareholding disclosure requirements in countries around the world
  • Monitoring of changes in clients’ shareholdings and comparison with disclosure triggers
  • Up-to-date disclosure templates
  • Ongoing monitoring of changes to regulations and reporting requirements leveraging the legal content contained in Rulefinder Shareholding Disclosure
  • Unrivalled transparency, including drill-down to source data
  • Rapid implementation

Key Benefits

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Product/Service Details

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