Longboat Analytics Fund Centre


Longboat Analytics’ Fund Centre is a hosted fund data platform that Asset Managers and Life Assurance companies can employ to manage the online publication of their fund data. The platform provides hosted web pages of fund prices, performance statistics, interactive charting, model portfolio creation and dynamic fund fact sheet pages.

The Fund Centre platform is fully customisable. You decide how the website looks and what information is included on each page. The Fund Fact Sheets can be customised to your requirements; you can select to include any of our existing fact sheet panels or design your own.

Comparison functionality can be included to allow advisers/investors compare funds against each other or against indices/category averages. Interactive charting can be included to allow the user further drill down their analysis.

The ongoing maintenance of the site is performed by us. You simply provide your data in pre-agreed formats at agreed regular intervals (e.g. daily prices files, monthly commentary and holdings data) and we do the rest.

Our ‘Lite’ version is an ‘out of the box’ hosted fund centre for fund companies with a smaller number of funds and/or a smaller marketing budget. There is no upfront development as the platform is taken as is. The lite version is an extremely fast way of getting a fund centre added to your website. Limited customisable options allow you to: switch data columns on/off on pages, switch panels on/off on the fund fact sheet, display your logo and corporate colours.

Costs: An initial development fee will apply based on the level of customisation/development you wish to undertake. An on-going maintenance fee includes the licence fee for the platform and a service fee for maintaining the data on the website.

Key Features

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Key Benefits

  • Automate the updating of Fund Fact sheets – simply provide your updated fund data in pre-agreed Excel templates and we will have it live on your site within minutes
  • No more stale product data on your website – with the pain removed from the process, you can updated your product data much more regularly
  • No more bad data – Agree business verification rules for your data to ensure that only accurate data is published
  • Include relevant functionality that investors and advisors can use to compare funds e.g. interactive performance charts
  • Provide adviser specific reports that can be customised for their clients

Product/Service Details

Asset Class Coverage
Deployment Options
Hosted / ASP / Private Cloud
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