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Clarus Risk RiskMonitor® is an institutional risk aggregation and reporting solution which provides an objective, point in time appraisal of investment risk compliance. RiskMonitor® represents best practice in risk reporting and governance and demonstrates oversight and governance of funds to boards and their investors.

RiskMonitor® utilizes industry-leading financial technology and experience of a wide range of asset classes including complex derivative and illiquid assets. Presentation quality reporting includes chapters on: investment risk compliance; market risk analysis, and liquidity risk analysis.

Key Features

Key features of RiskMonitor®:

  • Independent assessment of compliance with investment risk parameters.
  • Forms part of risk management policy and risk protocol.
  • Independent record keeping of investment risk by position.
  • Compatible with all major asset classes and investment strategies.
  • AIFMD compliant risk metrics.
  • Customizable report templates.
  • Annex IV reporting.

Key Benefits

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Product/Service Details

User Suitability (Capital Markets & Investment)
Asset Managers, Asset Services, Trading, Wealth Managers
Geographic Availability
Europe, North America
Asset Class Coverage
Bonds, Commodities & Energy, Equities , Foreign Exchange (FX), Funds, Futures, Options and other Derivatives, Money Markets, Structured Products
Deployment Options
On Premises Installation
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