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The Symphony Platform


Symphony is a multi-channel communication platform that enhances collaboration and makes the exchange of sensitive business content more secure and efficient.

Data Ownership

Your data belongs to you. Period. Symphony will never have access to your data. Ever.

Security and Encryption

When you send messages using Symphony you participate in a private key exchange using Authenticated Key Exchange (AKE) protocols and AES-256 encryption. Symphony will never have access to your keys. Ever. We support best-of-breed hardware components and cryptographic workflow software technologies as well as a transparent, open-source policy for the core security components in the system.

World Class Hosting Performance

Our secure messaging and workflow software is served up as a cloud-based “Software as a Service” (SaaS) subscription and leverages existing cloud-hosting technologies to provide unmatched scalability and access. We guarantee 99.995% uptime using high bandwidth direct connections (DCs) and Virtual Private Networks—VPNs that rival internal on-premise hosted solutions.


Symphony is available everywhere and anywhere. It can stand alone or integrate with your existing tools and applications. It resides in the digital spaces you use and interact with most from your laptop and desktop computers to your tablet, phone and mobile devices.


Symphony leverages the integration of third party applications and functional enhancements from our enterprise clients, partners and independent developers. This collaborative environment allows for accelerated product enhancements and features for all Symphony clients and users.

Key Features

The Symphony platform will be available as an enterprise solution for a wide range of industries.

End-to-End Encryption

Symphony is completely private. Your data is 100% protected by encryption keys known only by you, never by us. All Symphony clients perform Authenticated Key Exchange (AKE) on a per stream (chat room/contact) basis and use AES-256 encryption on every message sent.

Layered Security Model

Symphony relies on a layered security model for data at rest and in motion. For every category of threat, there’s an effective control deployed to mitigate it.

Guaranteed Data Deletion

Symphony has designed a specific set of procedures to guarantee that data deletion is permanent and fully documented. We also delete content on a regular basis in accordance with customer data retention policies.

Account Protection

Symphony provides features to help protect users from security risks:

  • 8 character minimum passwords that contain mixed upper and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters
  • Intentionally slow password hashing (PBKDF-2) to hinder brute force attacks
  • Provisional 2-step authentication
  • Weak/common password detection scans and forced password upgrades

Data In Motion and Data At Rest

All data transported within Symphony and every piece of content stored by us is encrypted by the server, even if it was previously encrypted by you.

Key Benefits

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Product/Service Details

Deployment Options
Multi-Tenanted SaaS / Cloud
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