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LogicManager’s risk-based approach helps you to cut across silos and manage all of your risk, governance and compliance information with a common framework. Enterprise Risk Management provides transparency and more efficient communication, enabling better strategic decision making.

LogicManager provides top-rated services alongside an enterprise risk management software to help organizations easily uncover risk across silos, prioritize concerns and allocate resources accordingly.

With LogicManager, all of your risk, control, compliance, assessment, and resource information can be managed in one place, making connections and links explicit. This will allow LogicManager to automatically uncover upstream and downstream dependencies, redundant or overlapping activities and make room for more informed decisions. Gain a better understanding of the impact each risk or activity has within the organization and save time, energy and money in the process.

Compliance has become increasingly complex and expensive as new regulations are constantly added. Organization-wide impacts that are difficult to identify and track in nature get expanded, and compliance data and workflows become difficult to manage. As a result, compliance and operational costs are high, requirements get overlooked, timelines are missed, and exam or audit exceptions occur; all of which greatly increases liability risk.

LogicManager’s compliance management software provides pre-built, industry specific content with a risk-based framework for streamlining your compliance process: assess which standards and frameworks are being met, document the activities in place for each requirement and report adherence levels or gaps.

Key Features

Preloaded with configurable industry-specific, best practice content, LogicManager’s ERM solution provides a foundation to manage your compliance program and ensure sustainable adherence to all your concerns:

Pre-Built Content

  • Compliance & Risk Libraries - LogicManager’s pre-built root cause registers are industry-specific and provide hundreds of risks, regulations, standards and frameworks to utilize. Add, delete or archive items over time as new concerns are identified across your organization.
  • Assessment Templates – Including departmental, process-specific and compliance risk assessments, leverage pre-built templates for your industry. Examples include: Data Security, GLBA, PCI, HIPAA, BSA/AML, etc
  • Criteria & Guidelines – Standardized evaluation criteria, scales, dimensions, etc.
  • Controls, Tests & Policies – Access registers of risk mitigation plans, controls, policies, testing procedures, metrics, etc.
  • Dashboards & Reports – Our popular out-of-the-box options can be run as is or customized through an industry leading, built-in reporting engine,Actuate.
  • RIMS Risk Maturity Model – Develop a best-practice program and mature over time using the built-in RMM success attributes, maturity reports, progress dashboards and improvement guidelines.

Tasks & Notifications

LogicManager is focused on ease-of-use, flexibility and automation where applicable to increase engagement and collect feedback from across the organization.

  • Roles & Permissions – Flexible access rights set-up varying administrator or end-user levels, allowing each individual to only see what is appropriate while hiding areas of the system that are not. Assign tasks, ownership and responsibility to users.
  • Task Wizards – Accomplish any activity within the system through ease-of-use wizards. Appearing on the homescreen, users have a full list of their responsibilities with due dates, comments, etc.
  • Email Integration – Automatically send emails from within the system and record threaded history to simplify the process of engaging users.
  • Automated Notifications – Alerts, reminders and notifications throughout the system keep users informed of responsibilities and notified of changes or updates to in the system.
  • Collect User Feedback – Capture reasoning, comments, and historical changes with audit trails throughout the system.
  • Document Management – Attach policies, procedures and other documents through direct upload or point to a DMS or internal share drive.

Surveys, Assessments & Testing

A standardized risk-based framework allows you to identify, assess, and prioritize your key concerns, document the controls in place address them, and monitor to ensure continual effectiveness.

  • Compliance Surveys – Using pre-built libraries of compliance regulations and frameworks, identify which requirements are applicable to your organization and document the activities used to meet each.
  • Risk Assessments - Pre-built yet configurable content libraries, scoring structure, dimensions, and industry best-practice criteria to standardize and objectify all assessments enterprise wide.
  • Define & Manage Controls – Document controls across areas, building a searchable repository of financial, operational and procedural activities your organization is using to manage risk.
  • Tie Controls to Risk – Make dependencies explicit by directly links controls to the risks they govern and automatically uncover which are most critical.
  • Test Your Key Controls – Leverage templates or create your own custom procedures for identifying which controls are effective and which are not; design results, provide end-user instructions and stay up-to-date with automated tasks wizards.
  • Metrics & Tolerances – Outline and track key risk indicators (KRIs), tolerance ranges, financial scenarios, or other key metrics as they relate to risk, controls and business processes.

Incident Management

Report, escalate and resolve any number of custom incident types while engaging individuals, internally or externally, for timely resolution.

  • Pre-built Templates – Incident templates include security breaches, data loss, theft or fraud, workers compensation claims, internal complaints, etc.
  • Design Custom Incidents – Edit our existing templates or create your own custom incident types with our user friendly configuration portal and unlimited field capabilities.
  • Track Incident Information – Track status, severity, timelines, and threaded discussions or response history from creation all the way through resolution.
  • Notify Key Individuals – Identify those who need to be notified within the organization when a particular incident occurs and automatically send alerts or reminders.
  • Ensure Resolution – Assign incidents for remediation using LogicManager task wizards. Send reminders through email integration, automated alerts & notifications.


Leverage popular pre-built reports or build your own with the industry leading business intelligence (BI) reporting engine, Actuate, included with any LogicManager subscription. Common reports include:

  • Heat Maps – Enterprise wide and drill down options allow you to view real time data and compare areas of your organization
  • Compliance Adherence – Sort and filter each report by department, governing agency, individual regulation, framework, etc. and track the status of the activities in place to manage compliance.
  • Gap Analysis – Report on compliance gaps that exist across the organization and take the actions needed for remediation
  • Assessment Summaries – Get the results from every risk assessment in a flexible, comprehensive report complete with summaries, details, and visuals. Look at one area or aggregate to any level of the organization.
  • Process Specific Reports – Report on your top risks, requirements, controls, testing, metrics, etc. with customizable settings and flexible filtering.
  • Progress Over Time – Interactive dashboards let you view results throughout time and filter on specific time periods; track metrics, tolerances, etc. against your actual progress.
  • Board Reporting – Run high-level reports on key control objectives, findings, progress, or impact on corporate strategic objectives.
  • Risk Maturity Level – Take the RMM to provide your organization a high-level maturity ranking and detailed improvement plan; analyze results, track progress and manage growth with comprehensive reports.

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