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STOXX Ltd. provides a wide range of data and services related to the calculation and distribution of STOXX index products via www.stoxx.com. As of 1 April 2010 only those users that have entered into a license agreement with STOXX Ltd. are able to fully access and download data from www.stoxx.com using a Data Centre account.

The STOXX data listed on the side navigation are ready to download for approved subscribers only. Data are available in plain text format (TXT) and/or in MS Excel® format (XLS). To download the data files, simply click on the corresponding icon with the right button of your mouse, select 'Save Target As...' and specify a location of your local environment. You can also left-click the icon to open the file and save it from the application menu instead.

Key Features

Composition Lists

This section contains constituent lists for various STOXX indices. Those lists include – amongst other data – the number of shares, free float factors, last trading day's closing price and the weighting of each of the stocks within the respective index.  The constituent lists are available as both closing files and opening files. The latter already account for the current day's corporate actions.

Index Values and Divisors

A list is provided in this area which includes all STOXX indices along with their identifiers (symbols, ISIN), number of components, closing index value, index free float market capitalisation and divisor.

Corporate Actions

This item covers a list of all corporate actions effective on the current trading day. It also includes forecasts of corporate actions, dividends, mergers & acquisitions and an IPO report.

Currency Rates

In this section a list of all currency rates is provided which have been used to determine the closing levels of the STOXX indices on the previous trading day.

Opening Data and Open Quotations

This area includes a file with the open quotation index values for all STOXX indices which are calculated in realtime. STOXX offers the open quotation calculation for the blue-chip indices in further detail by providing constituent lists along with the opening stock prices used for this calculation.

Intraday Data

The 'Intraday Data' section provides snapshot data for all constituents of the STOXX indices. The files include the stock prices at 10:30 CET, 12:00 CET (including settlement prices) and 15:30 CET.

Historical Data

This section offers different kinds of historical information related to the STOXX indices. It includes all available historical data on index closing values, index components for selected time periods and frequencies, an overview of component additions and deletions in the STOXX indices, and the historical open quotation values.


Includes the weightings of various STOXX indices in one file. The weightings are based on the closing prices of the last trading day, and are subdivided into countries, industries, and supersectors.

Data Vendor Codes

A file for all STOXX indices is provided. It includes the official index names, index symbols, calculation period, and vendor identifiers. The file also provides for a classification of the STOXX indices.

Key Benefits

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Product/Service Details

Asset Class Coverage
Bonds, Equities , Futures, Options and other Derivatives
Market Coverage by Geography
Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East, North America, South America
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