Predictive Analytics



Your business generates more data in a single day than it used to in a year. And it’s only getting worse. How do you find the critical answers hiding in that mass of historical data, when you’re treading water just managing its influx?

Now imagine, a tool – a platform in fact – that takes the drudgery out of large scale predictive analytical model creation, testing, and tuning through automation. Furthermore, imagine deploying that model on a fraction of the hardware you’re currently using for the same purpose. Your team will be free to find answers that enable your business to improve dramatically. And you? You’ll be free to create your business’ future instead of drowning in the present.

Key Features


Every day, the global financial sector tries to find answers to some of the most complex analytics problems in the world. We’ve seen the global turmoil and suffering that can happen when financial institutions aren’t able to get answers to difficult questions soon enough, or in some cases, ever.

From automated hedge calculation, to sales automation, to fraud detection, and even to insider threat monitoring, Context Relevant has created technology designed expressly to bring transparency to some of the financial sector’s most opaque problems.

Where the last generation of predictive analysis technology is drowning in data trying to provide answers to some of the most basic questions, our technology gracefully digests and analyzes inordinately complicated and ultra-massive datasets so that your data scientists can spend their time doing what they do best – getting answers.

Key Benefits

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