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Thomson Reuters Eikon delivers a mix of global cross asset real time, fundamental, news, analytics, trading tools and comprehensive market information both OTC and exchange traded to the desktop or mobile, filtered to precise needs into a collaborative desktop. The desktop is designed to allow for price discovery, integration of news, fundamental data, analytics, transactions and collaboration services.

Eikon has been designed with ease of use in mind with the ability to drill-down into information on a specific financial instrument, making it possible to click from basic price discovery to find background and fundamental information, price histories, earnings reports, broker recommendations, related commentaries, inclusion in indices and news, as well as full integration with Microsoft Office

Thomson Reuters now have a User Experience design lab to evaluate how different users interact with the system and how to enhance the usability for maximum efficiency and satisfaction. They use highly technical tools, for example cameras that test where the user’s eye moves to on the page and examines where it spends the longest etc.

Eikon allows navigation based on geography and on asset class, augmented by a “Google-style” search, which greatly reduces the need for users to remember codes and displays only relevant search results. 

Key Features

Solutions 1. Capital Markets - Equities, Fixed Income, Foreign Exchange, Commodities, Agriculture, Energy and Metals 2. Compliance and Risk Management 3. Corporate Treasury and Finance 4. Investment Management 5. Wealth Management

Pricing Data Streaming prices for multiple assets, derived from global exchanges, brokers and specialists: * 70 million price points snapped daily * 162 spot prices and cross rates for over 1,500 currency pairs * 2,000+ interbank and broker sources * Up to 25 years of intraday time series data * Fixed income and dealer-supplied money market and interest rate derivative pricing from ICAP, Tradeweb and TRACE

Research and Broker Data * Comprehensive global financial statement information from Reuters Fundamentals database which currently contains data on over 40,000+ active companies and 13,000+ inactive companies from over 25 million documents * Over 900 active contributors, including brokerage houses, investment banks and independent research firms. * First-to-market economic content, including advanced PMIs, two minutes before official release News * Reuters News has operations in 131 countries and approximately 3,000 journalists in 200 bureaus, delivering 2.3 million unique news stories and 1 million alerts in 20 different languages * Reuters News and IFR Markets provide coverage of the Rates and Credits markets * Reuters columnists provide in-depth commentary and analysis on market news * Tailored news sourced from Thomson Reuters reporters and TR fundamental databases from Breakingviews

Estimates I/B/E/S provides financial estimates with analyst detail, consensus and aggregates data: * Content from 1,200 contributors * History back to 1976 * Company and industry metrics, including over 200 key performance indicators * 22,000 companies across 87 countries * Emerging markets content StarMine SmartEstimates is a predictive analytics program that ranks each analyst’s performance based on a unique, patented method. * 167 exchanges in 123 countries (99% of the total global market capitalization) * 54,500 active companies and 22,500 inactive companies * Historical data going back to 1980 for many markets

Charts Charts are integrated with search and other core capabilities, with a wide range of predefined options, content sets that are all charted in one place, formulas that can be entered directly in the chart, back-testing and optimisation and mobile integration. * Track year-on-year patterns with improved seasonal charting * Fast and easy access to Technical Analysis via Quick charts

Advanced Graphics * Custom weighed and mis-weighted spreads * What spreads are moving and where * Contrast spot versus forward value

Collaboration Thomson Reuters have partnered with Markit and a number of large banks to create an open messaging network, enabling instant messaging and other communication platforms to talk to one another and providing a central directory. It was designed to rival Bloomberg’s messaging tool. Thomson Reuters Eikon Messenger users have access to this global financial directory as well as over 190,000 professionals. Eikon Messenger has always worked across multiple chat platforms, including Yahoo, Aol, MSN and now it extends to include other networks - including Microsoft Lync and IBM Sametime.

Mobile Access Eikon is available for mobile devices: the RIM Blackberry, Apple iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Mobile devices. The desktop has also been tested on Apple Mac desktops running Windows virtualisation software. Since user profiles are stored in a hosted environment, with a single (customer email) sign-on, access to information is consistent across physical workstations and mobile devices. Recently Eikon WEb Access was enabled - meaning Eikon can be run from Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Apple Safari web browsers, with no installation required

Key Benefits

Behind the scenes, the communications to the desktop have been simplified to make it less costly for users to deploy and for Thomson Reuters to deliver. It comes in different solutions aimed at different user bases and can either be bought as a full solution encompassing everything, or by module/solution/market.

News is delivered in the Newsml XML format, allowing it to offer multimedia content, and to be searched more intelligently.

The combination of the network and desktop allows for services such as the Blended Order Book, which shows market depth for a particular security across all the venues on which it trades

By standardising on a single, global infrastructure, operating costs can be reduced and resilience improved. Offers professional network (messaging) connecting financial professionals around the world, allowing them to make use of advanced tools to share information and knowledge; users can drag and drop charts to messaging

Multiple delivery options - can be accessed anywhere with all preferences and permissions

Product/Service Details

User Suitability (Capital Markets & Investment)
Asset Managers, Asset Services, Brokerage, Trading, Wealth Managers
Geographic Availability
Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East, North America, South America
Asset Class Coverage
Bonds, Commodities & Energy, Equities , Foreign Exchange (FX), Funds, Futures, Options and other Derivatives, Money Markets, Structured Products
Market Coverage by Geography
Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East, North America, South America
Coverage by Exchange
Africa, Asia, CEE, Europe (NYSE Euronext), Europe (ex U.K), Middle East, North America (ex USA), Oceania, South America, UK, USA
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