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Our products cater to a range of specific technology needs of audiences within the finance industry. Our core products focus on the distribution, benchmarking and analysis of trade idea performance for revenue-driven sell-sides, whilst providing key analytics, predictive signals and alpha capture portfolio management for value-driven buy-sides.

Our new investment decision support platform provides investment managers with key signals and analytics to facilitate their pursuit of alpha.

Fundamental investment managers can use TIM Investor to receive trade ideas and also gain access to the Indicator: a predictive signal of stock price change.

Our sell-side solution for equity trade idea contribution is the market leading alpha capture system and is responsible for the majority of global trade idea flow.

By introducing structure to the distribution of your trade ideas, TIM Ideas Equities will help you to earn incremental revenue from your existing clients and provide opportunities to connect with new clients with established alpha capture programs.

Systematic fund managers can receive equity and fx trade ideas directly into their trading systems, so that they may be incorporated into their strategic portfolios.

Additionally, our alpha capture experts will help you to define, plan and implement a program, specifically tailored to your portfolio goals.

For sell-side For buy-side

TIM Ideas FX enables sell-side contributors to gain revenue by demonstrating the performance of their FX recommendations. They can use the service to build a structured track record in order to market their performance to their clients.

Fundamental investment managers can view the ideas on screen via the TIM Ideas FX buy-side application allowing them to identify market-beating FX opportunities.

Systematic funds can receive FX ideas directly into their portfolios, via TIM Systematic.

TIM Funds is a portfolio management platform. It provides accurate and up to date Fund of Hedge Funds (FoHF) analytics, including position information, performance reports, valuations, liquidity forecasting, cash projections and compliance adherence.

TIM Funds can be used directly by Funds of Hedge Funds or by administrators as an additional service.

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